Objectives the International Conference on Technical Sciences

Conference Objectives

1. Provide local researchers with the opportunity to participate in their research to contribute and to overcome many of the difficulties facing the community in terms of technical sciences

2. Enhancing interconnections and integration between local and international bodies specialized in the various fields of technical sciences

3. Provided researches with the opportunity to learn and exchange experiences to strengthen communication and cooperation to conduct joint research to address the problems of concern to all

4. Read the latest research in the field of technical sciences and open the doors of research and scientific production of what is new

5. Enhancing the role of technical and vocational education in the service of society, solving its problems and meeting its needs


The International Conference on Technical Sciences (ICTS2019) is a refereed conference and it is the second one hosted by the National Board for Technical and Vocational Education after the first conference that was held in 2018, which had very wide acceptance locally and internationally and was supported by many local sponsors.

Conference Tracks

. Electrical Power and Control System Engineering.
. Communication Systems Engineering
. Computer Engineering and Information Technology
. Apllied Medical Technology
. Administration and Finance
. Mechanical and Industrial
. Architectural and Civil Engineering